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recent past:


Friday May 31st at Kenton Club with Holy Denim, Child PM, and Cogwizard


Wednesday June 28th at Turn Turn Turn (Portland, OR) with High Five Danger

Tuesday July 25th in Chicago with Eric Mahle, Mikhael Bortz, and a reunion of the original incarnation of thebrotheregg (brotheregg)at Montrose Saloon

* Friday March 31st, Class M planets (full band!) performing at Kenton Club (PDX) with the Weird Kids and Barret Stolte.

* Friday Feb 10th. Class M Planets (solo) with Sean Croghan at Mother Foucault’s Bookshop (523 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR)

* Saturday January 14th Class M Planets (solo) at Haymaker (PDX) with Hannah DiMo (1233 N. Killingsworth St, Portland, OR)

—2022 —

* Friday December 30th at Fixin’ To (PDX) with Fells Acres and The Flood of 1894 (full band!)

Friday August 5th 2022 with Lord Master at Turn Turn Turn, Portland, OR.

Friday July 1st with Zebra at Alberta St. Pub, Portland, OR.

Friday August 27th at Kenton Club outdoor stage 6pm ! (Smokey Kingdom, Fells Acres)

Friday July 31st (2020) at the Neskowin Beach Golf Course, Neskowin, OR.  5:30-7:30

Saturday February 22nd acoustic set at Look Long Brewing Co. in Portland for their 2nd year anniversary 6pm (6550 N Interstate Ave, Portland, Oregon 97217)

Saturday Jan 11th solo troubadour show with Abbey Pope and TBA at the Alberta St. Pub from noon-1:45 pm.  Daylight event !

Friday August 23rd at the Bit House Saloon, Portland, OR with M.A.R.C. and the Horsejerks and Shadowlands (full band !)

Monday July 22nd Class M Planets solo with Sam Densmore at Al’s Den

Saturday July 13th at Slims with Gin and Tillyanna (full band!)

Wednesday June 19th at the Bit House Saloon (Portland, OR) with Fells Acres and the Dark Backward

Thursday June 13th at The Lombard Pub (6-8pm) (solo acoustic)

Thursday June 6th at the Old Church opening for Brittany Anjou 8:00pm (full band)

Sunday May 19th at the Kenton Street Fair (Kenton Club stage) 2:00pm (full band)

Friday April 12th: Class M Planets (Full band !) at Mcmenamins White Eagle with D.Pel

Thursday April 11th at Ship Tavern with Nick Roberts (solo acoustic)

Saturday March 16th at Beachcrest Brewing Company Lincoln City, OR (solo acoustic)

Saturday February 23rd at the Space with Summer Eyes (Salem, OR)

Saturday January 12th:  Class M Planets solo and D.Pel at Jade Lounge Portland, OR

Thursday January 3rd solo Class M Planets at the Ship Tavern Portland, OR with Nick Roberts (Weird Kids)


Saturday December 29th Class M Planets solo at Ship Tavern songwriter showcase with Ronnie Carrier, Nick Roberts, Amy Bleu, Barret Stolte, Emma Jane, Salvatore Manalo, AirOn Ghostradio, and Adam Brooker.

Thursday March 8th at Nobles Tavern, Salem, OR. with Ricky Cleave, Ashley Lute

Saturday March 10th at Jade Lounge, Portland with D.Pel and Colin Cavasher (Fells Acres)

March 23rd at Cafe Mundo in Newport, OR with D.Pel and Dani Padilla

March 31st at Dogger’s in Yelm, WA with Lotus Lynn and the Weird Kids and James Hunnicutt

April 20th at Jade Lounge Portland, OR with Lucio Barbarino (see event here)

Sunday April 22nd house party in Portland with Kris Doty, Matt Zimmerman, and the Legendary Mark Peter Savage.  Details here

Friday May 18th **FULL BAND** at The Big Legrowlski Portland, OR w/ Bombay Beach and the Decliners

Sunday May 20th (solo)  Kenton Street Fair 11AM  Kilpatrick Stage

Friday June 15th (solo) Olympia at Cascade Brewing with AirOn GhostRadio

Saturday June 30th : TransCon Variety Tour with featured commedian Caitlin Weierhauser. Class M Planets solo acoustic !

Monday July 2nd  **FULL BAND** at Firkin’ Tavern with Lonesome Traveler and Violeterra

Saturday July 7th (solo) @ Le Voyeur in Olympia with AirOn GhostRadio and Dead Obvious

Wednesday July11th (solo) @ Sam Bonds Garage with Animalingo, AirOn GhostRadio.

Sunday July 22nd ** Full Band **.  Adam’s birthday show at Turn Turn Turn with Dartgun and the Vignettes and Felony Flats.

Thursday August 9th at the Ship Tavern (solo)

Saturday October 6th  Harvest Festival, Neskowin, OR.

Wednesday October 10th : Class M Planets (full band) at Turn Turn Turn with Idea the Artist and Dan Lurie

Wednesday November 7th : solo gig at Bithouse Saloon Portland, OR