Class M Planets is made up of the songs Adam Goldman.   There is sometimes confusion as to what Class M Planets is because a CMP performance might consist of one person singing with an acoustic guitar, and other times it might be a full band or an acoustic duo.

Class M Planets is continuation of the work of thebrotheregg whose personnel is coincidently the same as the Class M Planets big band !  thebrotheregg went on hiatus in maybe 2015 because their drummer moved away and the band gained a new drummer and then decided to absorb into the very ambitious Class M Planets project.

Class M Planets is an art rock band!  One time at a local Portland, OR bar, a question was overheard directed at the singer of local rock band, Red Fang.

“What kind of music do you play?”  it was asked, and singer Brian said with a smile, “Art rock!”  It is in that spirit that we default to ‘art rock’ as a description of Class M Planets’ music:  With love and a sense of humor.

Class M Planets often appears as a solo acoustic troubadour.  Adam’s smokey voice projects fuzzy, psychic melodies to receptive thrill-seekers and is honest and intense.   His inspiration to play guitar and sing was thanks to artists like Neil Young, Robyn Hitchcock, and Richard Butler of Psychedelic Furs, to name a few.  He played E-flat alto saxophone for many years as a child and teenager and later discovered hardcore punk music and was completely sold on it.  Class M Planets is a product of a classical upbringing, a passion for punk rock, and the radio pop music of the mid to late 1980s.

Class M Planets is about songs, starting with sound and silence, timed in minutes and seconds… Melodies, harmonies… noise, from the explosive to the subliminal. Words.  Ideas.  A Heart-dump, a diatribe, a cry out into the wilderness.

The organization of 1’s and 0’s: