Summer 2020

Ravenswood is coming out July 10th and we couldn’t be happier. It took something like 5 years after the first one, Deerpath, for Ravenswood to reach its fruition. We put in a lot of hours over that time creating something that was unique in such a way that if felt like a genuine expression. People are sometimes surprised at our sound after seeing our phantasmagoric record covers, expecting 15 minute progressive rock odysseys that match the mythical creatures and environments found on our albums. We use the fantasy images to highlight all the imagination that exists out in the world, at our fingertips. We can dream about undiscovered color palates and foreign words that revolutionize the familiar. The artwork of Ravenswood is a tribute to thebrotheregg album that we did in 2001, Snowflake and Fingerprint Machine.

listen here

The weird creature on the Ravenswood cover wanders the countryside clearly blanketing every surface with snow and can be seen in some instances as individual fingerprint snowflakes. The original “machine” was conceived as a creative engine- very much a tribute to the idea that we can all create art and that there is a uniqueness in each of use that seeks a voice.

A lazy description for Class M Planets and the new album, Ravenswood, might be Art Rock. We prefer any description that enables us to feel as though we are permitted to do ANYTHING in regards to style or aesthetic decision making. We love to write and imagine the process as some form of world building. We are grateful to be on our own label, Treefort Lounge, where we can pretty much do whatever we want. With help from the great folks at XO Publicity and our wonderful community of friends and supporters, we are able bring to you, with beams of love, Ravenswood.