“Yer Wings” Video Premiere

Today, Psychedelic Baby Magazine is premiering the new video for “Yer Wings” which is the third track on the new record, Ravenswood.

The Video

“The idea behind the video was to shine a little spotlight on the individual personalities in the band and just have fun experimenting with arty images to contrast with the more candid stuff. With 75% of the band members being filmmakers, it was a great time for pooling all our cameras, lenses, lights, and ideas for sexy slo-mo shots of us drinking beer.”  – David (bassist/filmmaker)

The Song

“The song was begun during the aftermath of a near-miss I had with a category 5 hurricane in Mexico.  The storm died by the time it reached land but the combination of catastrophic fear and the joy of survival leaked their way into a new chord progression that became ‘Yer Wings’.  The song is both intense and sweet, the way I see it.  It’s clearly wrestling with something but it arrives at simple results.   The song was meant to explore a large range of the emotional color palate and it then allowed us to continue doing so into the future.  As time progresses, our original intentions evolve into something new.  I think the Yer Wings video shows the friendship between the Class M Planets band members and emphasizes the human story behind this song.”  -Adam (singer/wordsmith)

Video Premiere