Record Release Events

Ok so no record release events for April for reasons I’m sure you are aware of… We had a few events planned, an in-store, some other things here-and-there: all cancelled or postponed shall we say 🙁 . There are some music videos on the way that are pretty wild so check back here for constant updates ! The good news is that Ravenswood will be officially released on July 10th ! Thanks and stay safe out there, lovely people !!!

Well we sort of had a soft release for Ravenswood just recently and now we have an opportunity to have a more formal release for the record which has been interrupted until July 10th. You can technically hear Ravenswood on Spotify and perhaps some other places.

physical vinyl copies available through BANDCAMP. both vinyl and CD version available.

Ravenswood !

Ravenswood is finally here !  What is it?  Ravenswood is the new Class M Planets record and is the follow-up to 2014’s, “Deerpath”.   This record is 14 brand new songs.

Ravenswood is a product of our own homespun imprint, Treefort Lounge which is also our recording studio here in Portland, OR.  All orders go directly to us and they support the artist directly.  Click on the Bandcamp link below to stream the album, and vinyl lovers:  Don’t hesitate to order Ravenswood on transparent, blue marble vinyl now!


The release date, as of now, will be Friday December 6th, when it is available on streaming platforms, etc.   Right now, you can stream it on Bandcamp and you can also pre-order it there *OR* please send $20 to (media mail postage paid)  (US only) or venmo to @ClassMPlanets.  scan here 🙂

International pre-orders through Bandcamp only.  CD version coming soon 🙂

The Heron Project

We have just now written and recorded two songs for the Heron Project.  Their collective,  “…exists to encourage and promote the creative life.”  We couldn’t agree more 🙂  They have put out a call to do creative interpretations of specific themes and Class M Planets has risen to the occasion !  Putting together an imaginative response in a short period of time is challenging and fulfilling.

The theme for  February 2018 was, “Evergreen” and here is the song we put together for that…

The theme for  March 2018 was, “Equal Nights” for the solstice and here is the song we put together for that…

check out the Heron Project !

Orchestra !

Class M Planets has recently become a big band !   If you don’t know, Adam from CMP is also the singer for rock outfit, thebrotheregg and recently the big band and the solo acoustic troubadour thing have fused together !  Rumor has it that CMP is doing a few thebrotheregg songs for their summer Pacific Northwest events.   Here are a couple of photos taken from the recent event at Slims in St. Johns with Adam, Grilch, Jairus, and please welcome the new drummer and family member, Liam !!

Video for “Pollen” by thebrotheregg:

Deerpath on Wax !!

In Stock !

Where to find it?

Purchase on 180 gram vinyl:  here

itunes:   here

Cd version(with different cover):  only available at live events !



Using a variety of musicians, Adam Goldman has created a wonderful collection of gently flowing songs that have a lo-fi heart yet sound alive and timeless thanks to their arrangements and sympathetic production values.

Catching the ear, “Kind Of” opens the record with a wistful guitar and soft vocals, reminding me of In Gowan Ring playing the songs of Bright Eyes, a drifting piano adding an extra dimension to the song. Equally lovely, “True Compass” has lyrics that spin pictures in your brain, the sweet tune giving the words a magical cloak on which to fly, whilst “Timepiece” has a rockier feel, thanks to the up front drums, although the gentleness remains just below the surface.

Throughout side one there is a beautiful flow to the album each track perfectly situated on the disc with the magnificent folk sweetness of “Riverbound” being the absolute highlight, sounding like The Incredible String Band circa 1968. To end the side, “Gravity” leads you out into a dappled woodland glade for a bit of a jig and a refreshing glass of ale before side two.

Ensuring the quality continues, “Umbrella” has a slightly jazzy feel and interesting synth lines running through it, whilst “Broken English” is slow and nostalgic with lovely vocals from Kaitlyn Ni Donovan that add variation to proceedings.

As the collection plays, your ear catches melodies, fragments of lyrics stick in your head and you find yourself humming along and tapping your feet with a smile on your face until, eventually, the album ends with the title track itself, an energetic strum of a song that offers hope and encouragement in this strange world of ours.

Working with artist Cary Porter, the album is housed in a magical gatefold sleeve that is illustrated with fantasy creatures, all involved in a quest, giving the cover a narrative feel that fits perfectly with the musical contents and giving you plenty to look at whilst it plays. Something of a slow burner this album is a pastoral triumph, a delightful collection of tunes that is perfect for a chilled evening around the fire. (Simon Lewis)


5 songs

Quirky debut offering : Class M Planets 5 song E.P. CD.

get it on itunes here