Class M Planets


    • Here is a sneak peak at the new record cover for ‘Ravenswood’, the follow-up to Deerpath !  This is just a small corner of the canvas by Cary Porter whom has designed all the art work for the previous albums !  You can check out more of his work here .
    • Class M Planets has a full band incubating.   The new band is basically thebrotheregg, Class M Planets “sister” band from Portland.  Instead of their quirky skate rock, they’ll be teaming up for some progressive baroque pop and embiggening the Class M sound !
    • Also, here’s a video for “Timepiece” from the recent album, Deerpath.  Please enjoy the otherworldliness :






DEERPATH is finally here! Order your copy now on 12″, 180 gram vinyl with a gatefold sleeve. 16 tracks of luscious pop and beautiful, and several fantistical landscape panels by artist Cary Porter. IT ALSO INCLUDES A DOWNLOAD CARD!

Digital Downloads only available through bandcamp for the time being.
Listen to *SELECTIONS FROM THE ALBUM* on the player in the left column (6 of the 16 songs). The label has not officially released this platter just yet but if you want a pre-order copy:

Simple ordering process direct from Totallypunk.  Please post payment to on paypal.   All prices include postage:


1 LP……..USA…………… $18         ($15 + $3 shipping)

1LP……..Canada……… $28         ($15 + $13 1st class Air Mail)

1LP………Everywhere Else …….. $34   ($15 + $19 1st class Air Mail)

Digital Download …………… click HERE  or



Deerpath is also on CD but we’re not selling it on-line.  It has completely different artwork by the same artist.  If you really want one, post $10 to (USA orders only).

Oh, and copies still remain of the e.p.   (CD digipack) (also artwork by Cary Porter).  Check it out: